Table 3

Multiple regression models

Explanatory variable b SE (b) p Value
Model 1 with AT/RVET as dependent variable (all infants)
Age (weeks)0.00160.0002< 0.0001
Gestation (weeks)0.00450.00140.002
Chronic lung disease (CLD)−0.03920.0070< 0.0001
Model 2 with median AT/RVET as dependent variable (infants with CLD only)
Age (weeks)0.00220.0004< 0.0001
Duration of supplemental oxygen (weeks)−0.00080.00030.008
Gestation (weeks)0.00440.00220.057
  • CLD coded as 0 or 1 for healthy infants and infants with CLD, respectively.

  • b, regression coefficient; SE (b), standard error of regression coefficient.

  • AT/RVET, ratio between acceleration time and the right ventricular ejection time.