Table 2

Survivors assessed at 2 years: neuromotor impairment and developmental status, vision, hearing and medical problems, and growth

Etamsylate (n=101) Control (n=103)
Neuromotor impairment
 Tone changes in
  4 limbs82
  3 limbs30
  2 limbs
  1 limb11
 Tone change present but unclassifiable13
 No neuromotor impairment8189
 Not known34
Neuromotor impairment ± disability
 Impairment but no disability55
 Moderate disability75
 Severe disability52
Developmental status
 No delay8785
 Mild delay47
 Moderate delay34
 Severe delay53
 Not known24
Vision\ocular problems
 Refractive error52
 Normal vision9088
 Not fully corrected by glasses01
 Low vision11
 See light only or blind10
 Not known913
 Sensorineural hearing loss:10
 Conductive hearing loss10
 Hearing aids00
Seizures or on anticonvulsants33
Drug treatment
 Other medication56
 <3rd centile2017
 3–10th centile1618
 10–90th centile5650
 >90th centile22
 Not known716
 <3rd centile1822
 3–10th centile1814
 10–90th centile5856
 >90th centile33
 Not known48
  • Growth estimates based on Growth Foundation Standards (Cole TJ, Freeman JV, Preece MA. British 1990 growth reference centiles for weight, height, body mass index and head circumference fitted by maximum penalized likelihood. Stat Med1998;17:407–29).

  • ROP, Retinopathy of immaturity.