Table 1

Comparison of all randomised, and survivors assessed at 2 years of age: characteristics at trial entry and etamsylate use

All randomisedAssessed
Etamsylate (n=165)Control
Etamsylate (n=101)Control (n=103)
Age at randomisation (min):
Gestational age: <29 weeks31351714
Birth weight: <1500 g1141186270
Sex: male84915056
Plurality: multiples37382625
No with PIVH57623230
No with cerebral problem on scan57613331
No with major cerebral problem on scan2121138
Fetal presentation: cephalic981156072
Mode of delivery: vaginal88805249
Etamsylate doses:
  • PIVH, Periventricular/intraventricular haemorrhage.