Table 1

Clinical details and ultrasound diagnoses of infants studied

GroupInfantGestational ageBirth weight SDSDiagnosisInotropesClinical outcomeCranial ultrasound diagnosis, with day haemorrhage first noted
11241.29Mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
2280.50PROM, mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
325−0.07HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
429−1.34Triplet INoNo major problemsNormal
527−0.42Twin IDopamine at 10 μg/kg/minNo major problemsNormal
627−0.38HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
724−1.07HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
828−0.84Severe HMD and PIENoMild spastic diplegiaNormal
924−0.48Severe HMD and PIENoDied day 5, PIENormal
1025−1.07HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
11261.29Severe HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
1228−0.97Mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
1328−0.91Mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
1431−0.13Moderate HMDNoEmigrated, no follow-upNormal
15300.57Mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
1627−0.94Maternal PIH, mild HMDNoNo major problemsNormal
17251.33Maternal streptococcal chorioamnionitisNoNo major problemsNo haemorrhage, late small  periventricular cyst
218250.35Maternal candidiasis, mild HMDNoNo major problemsLeft GLH, right small IVH day 1
1926−0.58Maternal PIH, mild HMDNoNo major problemsRight GLH day 2
320290.68Twin 2, mild HMDNoDiplegia, esotropiaBilateral large IVH with PHD day 2
2126−0.44Severe HMD and PIENoHemiplegia, developmental delay ConvulsionsLeft HPI, leading to porencephalic cyst Right small IVH day 2
22270.72HMDNoHemiplegia, asthmaLeft HPI, leading to porencephalic cyst Right large IVH day 1
2324−0.14Twin 1, HMDNoDevelopmental delayLeft HPI and right large IVH, PHD day 2
24240.04Twin 2, severe HMD, renal failureDopamine, dobutamineDied day 5Left large IVH, right HPI, PHD day 3
  • Abbreviations: HMD, hyaline membrane disease; PIE, pulmonary interstitial emphysema.