Table 2

Neonatal catecholamine responses

Median catecholamine concentration (nmol/l)
All survivors (n=68)Death (n=23)p ValueIntact survivors (n=55)Death & disability (n=36)p Value
 Baseline + 24 h0.991.340.080.961.300.06
 Change over 24 h−0.44−0.380.90−0.32−0.680.08
 Baseline + 24 h3.129.270.00023.095.150.003
 Change over 24 h−0.67+1.060.01−0.49−0.140.21
  • Comparisons are between those who died and the survivors, and between infants who survived without disability (intact) and those who died or were disabled. p Values were obtained with the Mann-Whitney U test.