Table 4

Difference between two measurements by a single observer for intracranial ventricular measurements

Measurement (mm)Mean (SD) of average between measurementsMean differenceVariabilityIntraclass correlation coefficient
Right AHW1.52 ‚ÄČ(0.81)
Left AHW1.70 (0.98)
Right TOD16.5 (3.9)0.210.990.97
Left TOD18.1 (4.3)
Third ventricle width1.24 (0.32)
Fourth ventricle width5.49 (0.91)0.030.320.94
Fourth ventricle width5.19 (0.89)0.020.600.80
  • The average between measurements refers to the average of the mean of both repeated measurements.

  • The mean difference refers to the average difference of the repeated measurements.

  • Variability refers to the standard deviation of the differences between repeated measurements.

  • AHW, anterior horn width; TOD, thalamo-occipital distance.