Table 1

Obstetric data and pregnancy outcomes of twins with twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and controls

TTTS Controls
Number of pregnancies1717
Gestation at diagnosis (weeks)21.8  (18–28)N/A
Gestation at delivery (weeks)28.7 (23–36)28.9  (23–36)
Number of amnioreductions2.1 (1–4)N/A
Total volume of amniotic fluid drained (litres)4.4 (1.6–13.6)N/A
Intrauterine fetal death51
Neonatal death65
Surviving twins23 (68)28 (82)
 Pregnancies with both twins10 (59)13 (76)
 Pregnancies with one twin3 (18)2 (12)
 Pregnancies with neither twin4 (24)2 (12)
  • Values are number, number (%), or mean (range).

  • N/A, not applicable.