Table 1

Baseline data comparing infants randomised to lower iodine versus higher iodine milk

Lower iodine Higher iodine
Number of cases6061
Sex (F:M)27:3335:26
Gestation (completed weeks)30 (25–32)30 (24–32)
Birth weight (g)1363 (724–2080)1520 (530–2100)
Intrauterine growth retardation <3rd centile1111
Apgar score at
 1 minute8 (1–10)7 (1–10)
 5 minutes9 (2–10)9 (4–10)
Caesarean section3833
Prolonged rupture of membranes1817
Antenatal steroids received5657
Respiratory distress syndrome4237
Administration of surfactant3836
  • Values are numbers of cases or median (range). No significant intergroup differences were observed.