Table 1

Comparison of screened and non-screened birth cohorts

Screened (n=60)Non-screened (n=57)p Value
Meconium ileus760.8
Age of diagnosis (months)
 Median (range)1.8 (0.1-81.0)5.7 (0.1-51.5)<0.0001
 Excluding meconium ileus1.8 (0.1-81.0)6.2 (1.1-51.5)<0.0001
 Excluding 3 patients missed by screening (n=57)1.8 (0.1-7.6)
Pancreatic function
 PS:PI at diagnosis16:446:510.03
 PS becoming PI1030.6
Symptoms at diagnosis (including meconium ileus)3056<0.0001
Height SDS at diagnosis
 Combined mean (SD)−0.2 (1.6)−1.2 (1.6)0.006
 Pancreatic sufficient [PS]−0.4 (1.4)−0.06 (0.9)
 Pancreatic insufficient [PI]−0.2 (1.7)−1.4 (1.7)
Weight SDS at diagnosis
 Combined mean (SD)−0.1 (1.4)−1.2 (1.4)<0.0001
 Pancreatic sufficient [PS] 0.3 (0.9) 0.1 (0.9)
 Pancreatic insufficient [PI]−0.2 (1.6)−1.3 (1.3)*
Deaths due to CF140.2
Total lost to follow up (includes deaths and transfers)10170.1
  • SDS = standard deviation score; SD = standard deviation; Students t test: * p<0.01 for difference in SDS between PS and PI.