Table 5

Adjusted odds ratios for predictors of infant mortality among singleton newborns in Lungwena (n = 664)

Prevalence OR 95% CI p Value PAR%
Birth in May–July18.4%2.51.5 to 4.20.000621.6%
Maternal primiparity24.1%2.21.3 to 3.60.001822.4%
Birth before 38th gestational week20.2%2.01.2 to 3.30.011916.8%
Maternal HIV infection17.9%2.01.2 to 3.50.008315.2%
Distance to health centre (for each km)1.11.0 to 1.20.0601
Larger cultivated land area (for each hectare)0.50.3 to 1.00.0358
  • Results from a logistic regression model including the variables shown in the table as well as maternal age and education as linear variables, complications of delivery (yes/no; includes abnormal presentation of the child, abnormal mode of delivery, or complications to the mother), sex of child (boy/girl), presence of fisherman in the family (yes/no), ownership of domestic animals (yes/no), ownership of pit latrine (yes/no), and source of drinking water (safe/unsafe).

  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; PAR%, population attributable risks.