Table 4

Factors associated with infant mortality among 702 singleton newborns in Lungwena

Risk factorDeaths/total number of children
ExposedUnexposedRR95% CIp Value
Maternal primiparity37/16953/5332.215.2 to 18.70.000
Birth in May–July29/12961/5732.124.2 to 19.50.000
First recorded weight < 2500 g8/3956/5431.99−2.7 to 23.10.049
Birth before 38 gestational weeks30/14260/5601.973.2 to 17.60.001
Maternal HIV infection26/12461/5681.962.6 to 17.80.002
Christian mother9/3881/6641.94−2.3 to 25.20.039
Female headed family14/6563/5511.89−0.2 to 20.40.020
Maternal weight gain < 200 g/week40/26836/3921.620.6 to 10.90.023
Maternal education (for each year in school)1.0981.001 to 1.2040.047
Maternal age (for each year)0.9440.909 to 0.9810.003
  • p Values were tested by means of the χ2 test.

  • The exposed group represents those children with the defined risk factor.

  • The unexposed group represents those children without the defined risk factor.

  • RR, relative risk; CI, confidence interval.