Table 3

Variables analysed as predictors of infant mortality

Maternal and child health
 Maternal HIV infection
 Mother's parity
 Gestational weight gain
 Birth before 38th gestational week
 Place, attendance, duration, and complications of delivery
 Month of birth
 Sex of the neonate
 First recorded weight
Socioeconomic features
 Age of parents
 Age of mother at first pregnancy
 Age of the previous child at new delivery
 Number of previous infant or under 5 deaths in family
 Number and age of people in the household
 Sex of head of household
 Present and former marital status of mother
 Size and building material of house
 Source of drinking water and presence of a pit latrine at home
 Size of cultivated land area
 Ownership of domestic animals
 Ownership of selected household goods
 Distance between home and health centre
 Education of parents
 Occupation of parents
 Religion of parents