Table 1

Clinical details pertaining to subset of Down’s syndrome and control neonates for whom COHbc and tHb determinations were obtained

ParameterDown’s syndrome
Controls n=32Significance
Birth weight (g)2904 (312)3172 (436)p=0.02
Gestational age (weeks)38.6 (1.1)39.3 (2.1)NS
Vaginal delivery (n)19 (100)%28 (88)%NS
Breastfed (n)8 (42)%23 (72)%NS
Serum total bilirubin ⩾256 μmol/l (n)10 (52.6)%7 (22)%Relative risk 2.41-150
95% CI: 1.10 to 5.26
  • Data supplied as mean (SD), or as percentage, as appropriate.

  • NS: no significant difference.

  • 1-150 Relative risk of Down’s syndrome subset compared with control population, the latter defined as one.