Table 1

Group characteristics and anthropometric results in preterm infants receiving different vitamin D doses

Group A 200 IU/kg of body weight/ day up to 400 IU/day (n=21)Group B 960 IU/day (n=18)
MedianRangeMedianRangep Value
Gestational age (weeks)30.326.7–32.630.624.7–32.90.19
Duration of parenteral nutrition (days)00–1400–160.21
Age at full enteral nutrition (days)94–207.55–150.12
Duration of assisted ventilation (days)40–5000–600.01
Duration of oxygen supplementation (days)140–10520–1150.06
Infants with chronic lung disease (n)43
Weight (g) at birth1365755–21901510735–22500.45
 3 months corrected age59553830–696857974520–70200.87
 6 months corrected age75455400–909076006350–93400.23
Length (cm) at birth39.035.0––47.00.65
 3 months corrected age60.052.3–65.058.756.0–62.00.09
 6 months corrected age66.360.6–71.567.462.3–76.00.41
Head circumference (cm) at birth28.224.0–32.529.024.5–31.00.67
 3 months corrected age41.038.0––43.00.48
 6 months corrected age43.438.5–46.744.542.8–46.50.05