Table 4

Correlation between indices of maternal glycaemic control and the results of neurodevelopmental assessment

Neurological testMaternal blood glucose (n=47)Glycosylated
haemoglobin (n=19)
Acetonuria (n=46)Glycaemic control:
White’s classified (n=53)
Touwen and Prechtl−
IQ-general0.274-150 −0.070.01−0.03
Bender0.324-150 −0.504-150 0.060.00
Bruininks, general motor0.10−0.414-150 −0.314-150 −0.08
Bruininks, gross motor0.030.334-150 −0.274-150 0.02
Bruininks, fine motor0.19−0.414-150 −0.264-150 −0.13
MFP (sensory)0.040.31−0.10−0.314-150
FI (sensory)0.09−0.11−0.354-150 −0.10
LTS (sensory)0.11−0.14−0.05−0.294-150
  • 4-150 A significant positive or negative (−) correlation (p<0.05); Pearson’s correlation coefficient.