Table 1

Ascertainment problems and incidence of severe disability at 2 years

Follow upBabies born
in 1983
Babies born in 1990-1Percentage with severe disability (95% confidence interval)
Child reviewed without difficulty at 2 years9/20440/5056.9 (5.2 to 9.0)
Child only traced with difficulty because of family mobility, etc3/144/2617.5 (7.3 to 32.8)
Assessment only arranged with difficulty after the child was traced1-150 6/1220/3555.3 (40.1 to 69.8)
Died after discharge from hospital but before the age of 211-151/671-151/1636.4 (17.2 to 59.3)
Total19/23671/58211.0 (8.8 to 13.1)
  • 1-150 Family mobility also added to the difficulty of maintaining contact with seven of these 47 families.

  • 1-151 Judged likely to become disabled by two years because of cerebral ultrasound and autopsy findings, and/or post-neonatal neurological symptoms.