Table 2

Patient characteristics (thrombolytic treatment)

Thrombus locationEstimated thrombus ageThrombolytic agentDose administeredDuration of treatmentShort-term outcome
Bilateral RVT1 daySK24000 U/kg/day4 daysComplete patency
Unilateral RVT6 daysSK** 24000 U/kg/day1 dayComplete patency
Unilateral RVT/inferior caval vein2 dayst-PA1.2 mg/kg/day1 dayComplete patency
Unilateral RVT/inferior caval vein?t-PA1.7 mg/kg/day10 daysComplete patency
Inferior caval vein/superior caval vein2-150 ?UK 2000 U/kg/hour14 daysFailure
Superior caval vein2-150 1 dayt-PA0.5 mg single dose30 minutesComplete patency
Bilateral femoral veins3 dayst-PA†† 3 mg/kg/day7 daysPatient patency
  • SK: streptokinase; t-PA: recombinant tissue type plasminogen activator; UK: urokinase.

  • 2-150 Associated with central line; **mucosal bleeding; hyperfibrinolytic state; cross-over from t-PA; †† cross-over from SK.