Table 8

Adjusted odds ratios (95% confidence intervals) of adverse outcomes in first week survivors of group A compared with group B

OutcomeOdds ratio (95% CI)
Discharge weight <10th centile0.2 (0.1–0.7)8-150
Discharge length <10th centile0.4 (0.2–0.9)8-150
Discharge head circumference <10th centile0.3 (0.1–0.8)8-150
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia0.5 (0.2–1.6)
Death or BPD0.4 (0.1–1.0)
Necrotising enterocolitis1.2 (0.2–8.0)
Bacterial or fungal bacteraemia0.3 (0.1–0.9)8-150
Coagulase negative staphylococcal bacteraemia0.5 (0.2–1.1)
  • 8-150 P<0.05.