Table 2

Clinical status of PDA when various Dopller PDA patterns were initially documented during first 7 days of age

Clinical status of PDAPH (n=48)Growing (n=27)Pulsatile (n=29)Closing (n=58)Closed (n=66)
NS-PDA group (n=37)2472-150 0** 3137
S-PDA group (n=31)24202-150 29** 27292-151
 With S-PDA04 20  00 
 Subsequent S-PDA2416 9  00 
  • Values are number of infants with documented various Doppler PDA patterns.

  • All the closing and closed patterns in the S-PDA group were the result of treatment, and all non-clinically significant.

  • 2-151 Another two infants from the S-PDA group had a closed pattern that was first documented at 8 days of age.

  • 2-150 P = 0.0001; ** P < 0.0001.