Table 3

Validity of trials included in the review

AuthorYearMethod of randomisationBlinding of intervention>90% Follow upBlinding of outcomes
Rastogiet al 30 1996Phone/coded drugsYesYesYes
Shinwell et al 31 1996Phone/coded drugsYesYesYes
Sander et al 32 1994Sealed envelopes/coded drugsYesYesYes
Yeh et al 33 1990Assigned list by pharmacyYesYesYes
Tapia et al 39 1996Not describedYesYesYes
Yeh et al 38 1994Not describedYesYes?
Durand et al 34 1995Sealed envelopesNoYesYes
Brozanski et al 35 1995Sealed envelopesYesYesYes
Kari et al 36 1993Not describedYesYes?
Cummings et al 37 1989Assigned list/coded drugsYesYesYes