Table 1

Comparison of VLBW and CHDS cohorts on social, perinatal, and school related factors

MeasureVLBW cohort
(n = 298)
CHDS cohort
(n = 1092)
p Value
Sociodemographic factors:
 Mean age of mother at birth of child (years)25.825.8>.80
 Mother had no formal educational  qualifications39.9%47.2%<.05
 Child of Maori/Pacific Island ethnicity32.9%14.4%<.001
 Single parent family21.2%12.3%<.001
 Mother smoked during pregnancy33.9%34.2%>.80
 Child fed breast milk (( 1 month)72.5%70.5%>.50
 Mean duration of breastfeeding (months)3.94.0>.60
Perinatal factors:
 Multiple birth24.2%2.1%<.0001
 Non-spontaneous delivery68.1%17.4%<.0001
 Mean maternal parity2.32.0<.01
School factors:
 Child in third year of schooling17.7%24.2%<.05