Table 3

Weekly change of aspirated air volume from stomach, frequency of vomiting and apnoea3-150

Mean aspirated air volume ml/infant/weekVomiting times/group/weekApnoea times/group/week
23-25 w26-28 w29-33 w
Number of cases882119171946442929
1st week24179379131151102134226
2nd week60481463-151 953-151 1331094128727467
3rd week83701341211311107028582445
4th week999212791130893619368196
Total2672264953-151 3853-151 5114351637718111334
  • 3-150 CTL means the control group and BBG means the BBG administered group. Frequency of apnoea was compared in the infants of less than 10 days’ IPPV.

  • 3-151 P < 0.05.