Table 1

Profiles of infants of the study groups1-150

ControlsBBG administered
No of cases4645
Sex (M/F)24/2225/20
No of SGA infants57
Gestation (w)28.2 (2.1)28.3 (2.3)
Birth weight (g)1026 (205)1026 (241)
IPPV (days)3 [0-163]4 [0-244]
Duration of antibiotics (days)7.5 [0-20]7 [0-28]
Doses of indomethacin5540
  • 1-150 Values represent mean (SD) or median [range].

  • BBG: administered Bifidobacterium breve, SGA: small for gestational age (<−1.5 SD), IPPV: intermittent positive pressure ventilation.