Table 3

Prediction of death—area under the ROC curves for CRIB, CRIB-II, highest [L], first [L] and NIPI score

ROC AUC (95% CI)Goodness of fit p value
First [L]0.791 (0.170 to 0.872)0.236
Highest [L]0.856 (0.803 to 0.909)0.376
CRIB0.933 (0.897 to 0.969)0.171
CRIB-II0.905 (0.812 to 0.997)0.356
NIPI0.918 (0.876 to 0.961)0.980
  • [L]=blood lactate concentration.

  • AUC, area under the receiver operator curve; CRIB, Clinical Risk Index for Babies; NIPI, Neonatal Illness Prognosis Indicator; ROC, receiver operator characteristic curve.