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published between 2013 and 2016

  • End of life decision making
    Anushma Sharma

    End of Life Decision Making (EoL DM) in NICU is an extremely sensitive issue. In our unit we have practiced shared DM for a long time however as the authors write we did not come across any large studies looking into parents perceptions of EoL DM in the long term.

    1. We appreciate that telephonic interviews were discarded in this paper to ensure accurate assessment of parent's self-perceived role. Also interv...

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  • Positioning of neonates for lumbar puncture
    Anushma Sharma

    Lumbar puncture is a blind procedure (no guidance about the path of the lumbar puncture needle except for the sensory information that the performer obtains about interspinous distance before inserting the needle and upon puncturing the duramater). 1. We feel that the for a successful procedure, besides ensuring adequate interspinous space to insert the needle by ensuring optimum position of the patient it is very import...

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  • Re:Minimally-invasive (and painful?) surfactant therapy.
    Rosilu F. Barbosa

    Sir, we read with interest the article by Dargaville et al., entitled "Minimally-invasive surfactant therapy in preterm infants on continuous positive airway pressure", in which the authors describe significant results using a semirigid vascular catheter inserted into the trachea by direct laringoscopy for surfactant administration, without analgesia and sedation(1). However, direct laringoscopy and tracheal manipulation...

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  • Born just a few weeks early: does it matter?
    Sailesh Kotecha

    Sarah J Kotecha1, John Henderson2, Sailesh Kotecha1.

    1Department of Child Health, Cardiff University, Cardiff. 2School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, Bristol.

    Re: Born just a few weeks early: does it matter? Boyle et al. 98:F85- 88. Doi:10.1136/archdischild-2011-300535.

    We read with interest the review by Boyle and Boyle on early and late morbidity in late preterm bo...

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  • Should air insufflation to aid location of gastric feeding tube tip location in neonates become standard practice?
    Rachel Beckett

    Quandt et al (1) have emphasised stomach insufflation as a means to improve neonatal feeding tube location rates. Experience in our neonatal unit indicates that other measures may be more important.

    It is a practice standard in our neonatal unit for a gastric tube to be placed prior to performing the first chest radiograph. We retrospectively audited all first chest radiographs taken during the six month perio...

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