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published between 2013 and 2016

  • Reliability of NNAP's RoP screening data
    Andrew J Lyon

    The letter by Neil Finer and others raises important questions around quality and completeness of data used for national benchmarking.

    The authors criticise the quality of NNAP data used in the published 2012 report. They show in one unit where there were inaccuracies due to data not being entered into the Badger system. They give examples of how the Badger system possibly contributed to the problem by not aler...

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  • Reliability of NNAP's RoP screening data
    Sam J Oddie

    We are sorry to hear that colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital felt that our analysis of the data they provided did not reflect the realities of what is happening in their neonatal unit.

    We have already made significant changes to the processes for the 2013 data, which is expected to be published this October. NNAP now includes entries in either of the locations within the badger system ("daily data" or "ad h...

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