228 e-Letters

published between 2002 and 2005

  • Antenatal steroids and neonatal renal function
    Karel Allegaert

    Dear Editor,

    We read with great interest the paper of Dimitrou et al. on the impact of antenatal steroids and fluid balance in very low birth weight infants. The authors nicely documented the impact of prenatal steroids on insensible water loss and on urine output. However, one should be aware that diuresis, glomerular filtration rate and tubular function all are different aspects of renal function. While the au...

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  • Acute renal insufficiency in the neonatal intensive care unit
    Andrew J F Lunn

    Dear Editor



    We read with interest the report by Cataldi et al of the case control study on acute renal failure in preterm infants in 7 Italian NICUs.1We have recently completed a on...

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  • Neonatal circumcision increases risk of MRSA infection
    George Hill

    Dear Editor:

    Isaacs et al. provide no data on gender and circumcision status of the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) patients.1 This is a significant lapse in view of previous reports that put newborn boys and particularly newly-circumcised boys newborn boys at substantially heightened risk of staphylococcal disease....

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  • Author's reply to Maisels
    Donal J Manning

    Dear Editor

    I thank Dr Maisels for his comments. I agree that pre-discharge serum bilirubin measurement in newborn infants can predict with reasonable sensitivity the risk of later significant hyperbilirubinaemia. Given the rarity of extreme hyperbilirubinaemia and associated encephalopathy, however, the numbers of infants studied in the papers cited by Dr Maisels are too small to determine whether universal pre-d...

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  • Ear tags and renal anomalies: lack of association
    Richard Nicholl

    Dear Editor

    I read this paper with interest. This putative association is another example of a "factoid" that has been handed down as fact from one generation of clinicans to the next. It would be interesting to know the origin. We reviewed the evidence in our journal club some years ago( below) and came to the same conclusion: urinary tract abnormalities and preauricular skin tags The presence of preauricular skin t...

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  • Neonatal cranial ultrasound interpretation
    Nader Abd elTawab Elgharably

    Dear Editor

    Three important data are missing from this article:

    (1) The seniority of doctors who assess the cranial ultrasound interpretation not mentioned in the ANZNN Data, this could account for the discrepancy in diagnosis.

    (2) 2D images (Still pictures) are not substitute for 2 D Real time Video images , this should be the gold standard for Cranial ultrasound interpretation

    (3) It is...

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  • National guidelines on blood sampling for newborn screening
    Ruth J Stewart

    Dear Editor

    Hassan and Shah(1) do not mention recently published national policies and standards for newborn blood spot screening (formerly known as the Guthrie test) produced by the Department of Health-funded UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre(2). These include clear guidance on best practices for taking blood spot samples and state that it is not essential for the heel to be warmed prior to the heel puncture. A...

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  • AAP Guidelines for detecting neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and preventing kernicterus
    M.Jeffrey Maisels

    Dear Editor

    In his commentary on the recent American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for the management of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia [1] Dr Manning notes that the "British system of midwifery based universal surveillance of recently discharged infants should not be abandoned" and I enthusiastically endorse this view. The AAP recommendations for follow-up are quite specific – any infant who is discharged before a...

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  • prem birth/taking seroxat
    sarah elvin

    i was taking seroxat(20mg) per day in 2001.i became pregnant and decided that i should stop taking seroxat,as doctors were unable to provide any data to say that it was safe to take during pregnancy.

    several weeks later,after terrible withdrawl(which my doctor refused to put down to withdrawl,just sickness in pregnancy)my daughter was born prematurely at 28 weeks gestation.she was 2lb 4oz and very poorly.we had...

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  • Presence of parents during ward rounds - experience from a Greek NICU
    Heracles D. Dellagrammaticas

    Dear Editor

    We read with interest the paper by Bramwell et al.[1] and we would like to add our experience on this issue. Unrestricted visiting policy has been prectised at our NICU since early 80s. Even now, our Unit is the only one practising unrestricted visiting among the 15 NICUs in Greece. Initially parents were present during ward rounds. However several things became apparent.

    1. During wa...

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