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November 23, 2021

  • Original research
    Parental perspective on important health outcomes of extremely preterm infants
    Magdalena Jaworski, Annie Janvier, Claude Julie Bourque, Thuy-An Mai-Vo, Rebecca Pearce, Anne R Synnes, Thuy Mai Luu

    Parents of extremely preterm born children undergoing follow up rated their children's health as 9/10. Parental priorities for health improvement were related to behaviour, emotional health and language communication, respiratory health and feeding/growth issues.

November 17, 2021

  • Original research
    Impact of maternal obesity on neonatal heart rate and cardiac size
    Alan M Groves, Anthony N Price, Tamarind Russell-Webster, Simone Jhaveri, Yang Yang, Ellie E Battersby, Shiffa Shahid, Matais Costa Vieira, Emer Hughes, Faith Miller, Annette L Briley, Claire Singh, Paul T Seed, Phillip J Chowienczyk, Kenan W D Stern, Jennifer Cohen, Dharmintra Pasupathy, A David Edwards, Lucilla Poston, Paul D Taylor

    This manuscript examines the impact of preconception maternal obesity on measures of cardiac size and function assessed by MRI. The authors compared ECG findings and cardiac MRI findings in infants delivered to normal BMI and obese women. They found a higher resting heart rate and lower LV end diastolic volume and stroke volumes in infants who were born to obese women. They speculate that these findings may be related to increased CV risk in offspring of obese mothers.

November 09, 2021

  • Original research
    Dual-site blood culture yield and time to positivity in neonatal late-onset sepsis
    Sarah A Coggins, Mary Catherine Harris, Lakshmi Srinivasan

    Observational, single-centre study questioning the need to obtain both, peripheral and catheter-based, blood cultures in infants with suspected sepsis - the answer is yes, we need both if we do not want to miss a positive result in a significant proportion of infants.

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