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Dr Isaac Henry Gosset (1907–1965) inventor of the ‘Gosset’ icterometer and founder of Northamptonshire neonatal paediatrics
  1. Andrew N Williams1,
  2. Fred O'Dell2
  1. 1Virtual Academic Unit, Children's Directorate, Northampton General Hospital, Northampton, UK
  2. 2Northampton General Hospital, Northampton, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Andrew N Williams, Virtual Academic Unit, Children's Directorate, Northampton General Hospital, Northampton NN1 5BD, UK; anw{at}

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Dr Isaac Henry ‘Harry’ Gosset was appointed the first consultant paediatrician for Northampton General Hospital in 19471 (figure 1). At the commencement of the National Health Service in 1948, his duties were extended to include Kettering, thereby encompassing all Northamptonshire general paediatric and neonatal care.2

Figure 1

Dr Isaac Henry Gosset.

He was an early pioneer for the advancement of exchange transfusions,3 which established ‘an entrée for paediatricians into maternity hospitals’.4 He invented the ‘Gosset Icterometer’, …

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