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Does furosemide help in acute renal failure in children
  1. Nadeem E Moghal (nadeem.moghal{at}
  1. Royal Victoria Infirmary, United Kingdom
    1. Mohan Shenoy (moshenoy{at}
    1. Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, United Kingdom


      Furosemide is a commonly used loop diuretic in the neonatal intensive care setting. The common indications for the use of diuretics in neonates are fluid retention with adequate circulating blood volume, congestive heart failure, chronic lung disease (now rarely used) and acute kidney injury.

      This paper discusses the pathophysiology of acute kidney injury in neonates and explores and maps the role for furosemide in this clinical situation. This is meant as an easy to read, easy to digest, practical review for the jobbing clinician.

      • Acute
      • Furosemide
      • Injury
      • Kidney
      • Neonate

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