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Admission temperatures following radiant warmer or incubator transport for preterm infants <28weeks: a randomized study
  1. Michael Peter Meyer (mmeyer{at}
  1. Middlemore Hospital and University of Auckland, New Zealand
    1. Geoff Bold
    1. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland, New Zealand


      Sixty two infants <28 weeks were occlusively wrapped and randomized to radiant warmer or incubator transport to the neonatal unit. Median axillary temperature on arrival was 36.8degC in both groups. Target temperatures (36.5 -37.5degC) were achieved in 60% of the incubator group compared to 75% in the warmer group (not statistically significant). While powered to detect a 35% difference between warming devices, a more modest difference is not excluded.

      • hypothermia
      • plastic wrap
      • temperature
      • transport

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