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PC.123 Improving mortality trends in neonatal units within a newborn clinical network
  1. SV Rasiah1,2,
  2. S Saxon1,
  3. M Passant3,
  4. AR Bedford Russell2,3
  1. 1South West Midlands Newborn Network, Birmingham, UK
  2. 2Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK
  3. 3Strategic Clinical Network, Birmingham, UK


Background One of the aims of managed newborn clinical networks is to monitor and report on their neonatal mortality as an outcome measures of improvements in quality of care. The South West Midlands Newborn Network (SWMNN) was established in 2004. Badger electronic patient database has been used since 2009 across all SWMNN units.

Aim To review the trends in neonatal mortality in neonatal units within a newborn clinical network.

Methods Badger electronic patient database was used to collect the demographic details and cause of death between 01/4/09 and 31/03/13.

Results In the last 4 years there is a decreasing trend in the overall mortality within neonatal units in the newborn clinical network as show in the table.

Abstract PC.123 Table

Conclusion The decreasing trend in mortality within neonatal units might reflect that the care these babies are receiving is improving and delivered in the appropriately designated neonatal units. There is also a reduction in infection as the primary cause of death over the last four years.

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