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PC.38 The Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme – ‘multiprofessional education to lay the foundations for tomorrows neonatologists’
  1. A Sharma1,
  2. R Gunda1,
  3. K Durairaj1,
  4. M Hall1,
  5. R Kachroo2,
  6. M Ashton2,
  7. A Gupta3
  1. 1University Hospitals Southampton, Southampton, UK
  2. 2Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Portsmouth, UK
  3. 3John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK


Background Neonatal trainees have nationally reported that existing paediatric programmes did not cover the existing level 3 curriculum or prepare adequately for the consultant role.1

Aim Development of a curriculum mapped nationally reproducible framework incorporating clinical and non-clinical modules, simulation and technology enhanced learning.

Methods A quorum of neonatologists, with trainees as the lead drivers have developed the Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme. WONEP includes a website, and 12 curriculum mapped modules rotating between Wessex and Oxford. The programme covers clinical modules, as well as ethics, management, research methodology, and bereavement.

Results 10 sessions have been delivered over 2 years with a mix of teaching methods including lectures, multidisciplinary simulation and workshops covering clinical and non-clinical elements. Initial sessions were attended by neonatal trainees with increasing attendance by network consultants, midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners as the programme has evolved. 93 feedback forms show 100% of attendees agree the content was relevant to their training. 97% agree the sessions were high quality and 92% agreed it was relevant to their practice.

Conclusion WONEP demonstrates how empowering trainees to assess their needs can result in curriculum mapping and delivery of high quality education covering relevant competencies. The use of simulation, and technology enhanced learning has encouraged more multidisciplinary participation and human factors training allowing multiprofessional teams who train separately to learn together. WONEP serves as a national model of how individuals involved in neonatal care from varying backgrounds can have a combined approach to delivery of education to achieve higher standards in neonatal care.


  1. Shaw NJ, Stenson BJ, Fenton AC, Morrow G, Brown JM. Subspecialty neonatal trainees’ views on being prepared for the consultant role. Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed. 2012;97:68–71

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