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PB.10 How can neonatal non-medical prescribers meet their continuing professional development needs?
  1. ME James
  1. Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK


Background Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners (ANNPs) are essential in the neonatal workforce, working across professional boundaries and fulfilling roles previously perceived as the domain of medical staff. An essential aspect of the role is independent prescribing. ANNP training may incorporate a non-medical prescribing (NMP) qualification. Support for NMPs should include opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD).1,2 There are limited opportunities for neonatal non-medical prescribers to fulfil these requirements. Despite extensive internet searches and personal communication we could not find any neonatal NMP study days.

Aim To meet CPD requirements for neonatal NMPs.

Service development A single ANNP, supported by the Southern West Midlands Newborn Network (SWMNN) organised a study day designed to meet the needs of the NMP. The programme included a broad range of prescribing and pharmacology related subjects delivered by an expert multidisciplinary faculty.

Results 36 ANNPs attended the study day and provided feedback. All attendees reported that the study day was relevant to their educational needs, rating the quality of education as good (3%) or excellent (97%). 97% perceived that the study day would lead to a modification in their prescribing practice. 100% of attendees said they wanted, and would attend a repeat event.

The future A NMP study day is planned for 2014 and this has been advertised nationally. The programme has been updated to include recent developments in neonatal therapeutics.

Conclusion Neonatal NMPs require opportunities to meet their mandatory CPD requirements. An annual multidisciplinary study day can contribute significantly towards meeting these needs.


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  2. Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008) Guidance for CPD for Nurse and Midwife Prescribers NMC circular 2008 10/2008

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