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PMM.82 Experience with a novel intravenous iron preparation - Monofer in pregnant women with iron deficiency anaemia
  1. N Aslam,
  2. S Patni
  1. Heart of England NHS Trust-Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Introduction Monofer is a novel parenteral iron preparation with little free iron toxicity and low immunological potential. It can be given as a single total dose by intravenous infusion over a short time without the need for test dose. It has potential cost benefits along with user convenience and dosing flexibility leading to patient satisfaction.

Aims/objectives To determine the compliance with guidelines and to examine the efficacy and safety of monofer.

Methods Retrospective audit of the case notes over a period of 18 months between May 2012 to December 2013.

Audit Standards Local trust guideline and “UK national guidelines (British Committee for standards in Haematology 2011)”.

Results Total 50 patients were identified, 46 patients were included in the analyses. The standards were met in all 46 patients.

Mean pre-infusion Haemoglobin was 76 (range 61–97) and mean pre-infusion ferritin was 7 (rang 1–25). Of the 46 patients who received monofer, none had severe reactions. 7(15%) had minor adverse reactions including chest and back discomfort and one developed severe bronchospasm within 5 min of commencement which led to the discontinuation of the infusion. Mean hospital stay was 7 h (range 3–48 h). Mean Haemoglobin post monofer infusion at 3–5 weeks interval was 85 (83–119). No delayed reactions were observed and none required blood transfusion.

Conclusion Monofer is safe and effective single dose preparation. It is well tolerated with a favourable safety profile. It reduces the blood transfusion rates, is cost effective and improves patient satisfaction. It can be given in the day case setting.

Reference Pavord S, Myers B, Robinson S, Allard S, Strong J, Oppenheimer C. UK guidelines on the management of iron deficiency in pregnancy. British Journal of Haematology 2012;156(5):588–600

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