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PMM.56 How do we screen our pregnant women for alcohol use?
  1. S Palaniappan,
  2. V Miller
  1. Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, UK


Introduction There is a known increase in the use of alcohol amongst women and Public health studies have quoted an increase in alcohol related mortality and morbidity.1 Pregnancy provides an opportunity to screen and promote detection and intervention. Many studies reporting effective alcohol screening tools were for male and non-pregnant population. Hence, we planned to look at how we screen our pregnant women in England and Wales and which tool may be effective for screening.

Methods Questionnaire based survey to all maternity units how they screen for alcohol use and what recognised tool do they use and to ascertain whether they have an alcohol pathway.

Discussion Because most pregnant women are highly motivated to change their behaviours, short counselling sessions after screening are effective.2 Screening questionnaires CAGE and MAST are efficient in detecting dependency which is common in males.

Conclusion Most units don’t use a recognised screening tool and don’t have an alcohol pathway. The T-ACE and TWEAK questionnaire were able to satisfactorily identify alcohol misuse during pregnancy.5 Training of maternity staff in screening for alcohol enables them to be comfortable about enquiring the drinking behaviour. Public health would be promoted by adapting an effective alcohol screening and pathway in pregnancy.

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