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Taking 'Ten steps' in the NICU

Those of us working in hospitals aiming for ‘Baby Friendly’ status may already have noticed that the performance of neonatal intensive care services (NICU) in relation to the initiation and maintenance of breast feeding is coming under scrutiny. For those who have not seen it, Nyqvist et al (J Hum Lact 2013;29:300–9) have published “Ten Steps to successful breastfeeding” relevant to NICUs. These are expert group recommendations, some of which have a solid evidence base, and some of which are really best practice based on experience. I don't think they should be perceived as too challenging for most NICU services, or maybe I just work in a more enlightened one: it will be interesting to see any reader views on the proposed Ten Steps.

Lung ultrasound

FNN has carried papers recently about the use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of necrotising enterocolitis. Now it's the turn of the lung. Mostly lung ultrasound has been dismissed as an oxymoronic concept: if the …

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