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PL.97 Prospective Audit for Induction of Labour with Propess
  1. SN Malik,
  2. H Kansara,
  3. HA Mousa
  1. University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 5WW, UK


Aim to assess the success rate of IOL using propess.

Method A prospective audit of IOL was carried out in a large teaching hospital. Special data sheet was used for collection of data. We have included women with a singleton viable pregnancy in a cephalic presentation and who were admitted for IOL at ≥37 weeks gestation. We have excluded cases with history of rupture of membranes.

Results Despite of 24 hours of propess use, 31/100 (31%) additionally needed Prostin as adjuvant method for IOL. 54/100 (54%) needed syntocinon for augmentation of labour. Hyperstimulation syndrome with CTG changes were observed in 7/100 (7%) of cases (five after propess and two after oxytocin infusion). Vaginal delivery was achieved in 73/100 (73%). It was observed that 73/100 (73%) of women delivered between 48 hours of IOL. Primary postpartum haemorrhage was noted in 15/100 (15%). There was no neonatal admission.

Conclusion IOL with proess is successful method with about 73% success rate. However, clinicians should be aware that up to 30% of cases will need extra prostin. Cost analysis is required to evaluate methods that could be used to reduce cost and duration of admission.

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