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PL.95 Obstetric Practises During Childbirth: Expectations, Perceptions and Satisfaction of Women
  1. P Nelas,
  2. E Coutinho,
  3. C Chaves,
  4. J Duarte,
  5. B Arias
  1. Institute Polytecnic of Viseu, Viseu, Portugal


Knowing what the woman expected to find and what she found in relation to obstetric practises, enables us to meet the needs, if we assess their satisfaction we will know if we can fill.

Objectives To determine if the expectations and satisfaction of women in relation to obstetric practises during the labour, delivery and postnatal influence their perception. To assess the expectations and satisfaction of women in relation to obstetric practises. Analyze the relationship between expectations and satisfaction.

Methods A quantitative, descriptive, analytic and correlational cross-sectional, with a sample of 405 mothers. The evaluation protocol includes the scale of importance and perception of Obstetric Practice (Roman Espinaco, Garrido Oliver, 2008) and the Questionnaire Experience and Satisfaction with Childbirth (Costa el al, 2004).

Results Satisfaction that women have during labour and delivery is beyond their expectations. As follows from the hospital, expectations and satisfaction of women to improve. However, the expectation of women was not a predictor of perception, as opposed to satisfaction.

Conclusion Creating a space for reflection among professionals and managers of health institutions, indicating paths to follow and encouraging behavioural changes.

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