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PL.74 Induction of Labour with Propess®
  1. M Isdale,
  2. J Danson-Smith,
  3. J Amu
  1. Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Blackpool, UK


Introduction Propess® is a vaginal delivery system that consists of a non-biodegradable polymeric drug delivery device containing 10 mg dinoprostone (Prostaglandin E2) dispersed throughout its matrix. Introduction in most units as a method of induction of labour is largely due to reported benefits which include effectiveness and better patient experience.

Objective To evaluate the use of Propess® for induction of labour and the pregnancy outcome of the recipients.

Method A retrospective review of all induction of labour undertaken with Propess® over 4 months. Data was extracted from Euro king database unto excel for analysis.

Result 66 patients, with parity not more than 3, were induced with Propess® at term. The commonest indication for induction was post maturity (74%) however 4 (6%) high risk patients were induced with Propess®. 93% of patients who achieved spontaneous vaginal delivery received single dose Propess®. Patients delivered through caesarean section had slightly bigger babies (SVD 3.666 kg: CS 3.713 kg), were more likely to receive additional agents (prostin) to ripen the cervix and syntocinon to augment labour. Overall 55 patients (83%) achieved vaginal birth (spontaneous and assisted) and 17% via emergency caesarean section.

Conclusion Propess® is a cost effective agent for induction of labour as over 80% of patients achieved vaginal birth after single dose. However further studies are required to determine choice and/or dosage of additional cervical ripening agents suitable for use when single dose Propess® fails. This will help to reduce the number of caesarean sections performed for ‘failed induction’ after single dose Propess®.

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