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PL.29 Mobile Apps: The Future of Pregnancy Patient Information
  1. LC Ashelby,
  2. R Bahl
  1. St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, UK


Introduction Throughout a ‘normal’ pregnancy women receive up to 45 paper-based patient information leaflets from healthcare professionals about pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. At St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol we are developing a smart-phone application (app) to deliver our pregnancy related patient information. We aim to improve patient experience whilst significantly reducing financial and environmental costs. There is a paucity of literature around the use of smart phone apps in healthcare, despite this being a growing area commercially. This project assesses the acceptability of women receiving pregnancy related information electronically.

Method A structured answer survey was carried out on 50 consecutive women attending consultant antenatal clinic. The results were collated and analysed.

Results Fifty women participated in the survey. Thirty six (72%) women owned and used a smart-phone. Of these 21 (58%) women reported to have used pregnancy related applications on their phones and 33 (86%) stated that they would consider accessing antenatal information through a phone application. 37 (74%) of women showed a preference towards using applications (24 women) or internet (13 women). 19 (38%) women showed a preference towards using paper leaflets.

Conclusion Women would like their pregnancy patient information in electronic form, and would prefer to use smart phone applications. We anticipate that by the introduction of a smart phone application and providing information on the internet we will improve patients experience whilst reducing costs.

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