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Audit of the management of obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) ASIS at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital
  1. JS McLaren,
  2. E Oteng-Ntim
  1. Guy's and St Thomas' Trust, London, United Kingdom


Introduction OASIS are associated with significant morbidity including flatus and faecal incontinence, faecal urgency, and coital dysfunction.

Aims Ensure adherence to agreed standards of management

Method Retrospective study of women diagnosed with OASIS at St Thomas's Hospital in 2010

Results Out of 71 cases, the standards of: repair in theatre, regional/general anaesthesia, repair by accredited personal, PDS to sphincter muscle, PR following, antibiotics, and laxative prescribing all scored over 90% compliance. Follow up with link consultant (73.2%), and pelvic floor interdisciplinary clinic (80.3%).

Conclusion The audit demonstrated a sound adherence to local guidelines but exposed the need for improvements with follow up and education on antibiotic prescribing. The audit identified areas of potential research in evaluating the effects of the pelvic floor interdisciplinary clinic on long-term outcomes.

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