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Improvement in knowledge following a blended e-learning and simulation training course for operative vaginal delivery
  1. CD Sullivan1,
  2. R Bahl2,
  3. BK Strachan2
  1. 1Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT, Gloucester, United Kingdom
  2. 2University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, United Kingdom


Background Operative vaginal delivery (OVD) remains an integral element of intrapartum care. With the reduction of trainees' hours and the move to competency based training, there is a requirement for a formal training package in operative vaginal delivery to ensure trainees gain core knowledge, confidence and practical experience prior to being exposed to patients.

Methods An interactive e-learning and simulation training course for OVD was developed. All of the ST1's and 2's from Severn Deanery were recruited to participate in the study (n=32). Participants underwent a pre-training assessment, which included an 80 question multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ). 27/32 participants completed the e-learning modules and attended simulation training. A post-training assessment (where the same MCQ was completed) was carried out to test any improvement in knowledge.

Results There was a 15% drop-out rate (4/5 left to become GP's or train abroad.) A paired t-test was used to compare the data sets. There was a significant improvement (p<0.001) in knowledge by a mean of 10% (95% CI 7.6 to 12.2) with all participants improving their scores following training (Mean score 72% to 82%).

Discussion All participants increased their knowledge about the theoretical aspects of instrumental delivery following completion of this training course. This study has shown that e-learning and simulation are useful methods to improve trainee's knowledge of OVD.

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