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An estimate of the financial cost for treatment with enoxaparin as part of the implementation of new clinical guidelines for the reduction of the risk of thrombosis and embolism during pregnancy and the puerperium
  1. M McCauley,
  2. J White,
  3. C McElhenny
  1. Ulster Maternity Hospital, Dundonald, Belfast, United Kingdom


Aims To determine the number of patients with different risk factors for venous thromboembolism for each new antenatal and postnatal recommendation set out in the recently revised RCOG clinical guidelines. To estimate the cost of implementing the recommended treatments, in comparison with the older version of similar guideline.

Methods A prospective study over a two week period was conducted in the three main departments of the hospital.

Abstract PM.60 Table

Results The table below shows the cost of the various groups with different risk factors for treatment with enoxaparin (average cost £4.30 per day) over a two week period. All calculations from the two week study period were extrapolated to give a total cost for the year.

Conclusion Based on the older guidelines the cost of the prophylactic treatment of venous thromboembolism risk factors was £10,626.00 (calculated as all Caesarean sections receiving three days of clexane postnatal). The new guidelines cost estimate was nearly fifteen times that at £165,073.00, making the estimated cost of the implementation of the new guideline recommendations as £154,447.00.

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