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Fetal Medicine Posters
Termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormality
  1. S Masood,
  2. D Economides
  1. Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom


Introduction Many pregnant women, undergoing termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormalities, experience anxiety and distress at the time of the procedure and after the procedure. There has been little research on health professionals and parents views on fetocide. Since the last RCOG guidance(1996) on TOP for fetal abnormality, advances in the detection of congenital abnormalites have resulted in earlier diagnosis and clearer indications for the offer of termination of pregnancy.

Methodology From Sep 2009- Sep 2011( retospective method). Data collected from the Fetal medicine data base. Number of TOP for fetal abnormality in FMU Royal Free Hospital were (37). All women were offered screening for trisomy 21 (remomended by UKNSC and NICE)based on NT and serum markers by 14 weeks gestation. The second scan undertaken between 18+0 and 20+6 to detect major structural anomalies. Fetocide for termination were offered over 21+6 weeks( RCOG recommendation). Intracardiac KCL was the recommended method.

Results All patient were offered combined test between 11 and 13+6 weeks 100%. Anatomy scan was offered between 18+ and 20+6 weeks. All patient above 21+6 weeks fetocide was offered. Two patient were offered LSCS after fetocide (placenta previa/maternal request). All Fetal anomaly were reported to national statistics for fetal abnormality Patient who were offered fetocide have structural abnormalities. Structural abnormalities like acrania which have a more then 90% detection rate on early pregnancy scan was offered early STOP before 14 weeks.

Conclusion All women should be provided with adequate information and should have opportunity to discuss their options, before the test is performed. Where ever possible, women should be offered

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