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Management of idiopathic oligohydramnios- audit of practice
  1. M Nair,
  2. M Moselhi,
  3. S Evans
  1. Singleton Hospital, Swansea, United Kingdom


Background Amniotic fluid volume is an important clinical parameter in assessing fetal well-being. There is paucity of research regarding the outcome and management of pregnancies complicated with isolated oligohydramnios, without any associated maternal or fetal complication.

Aims To evaluate the management and assess the perinatal outcome of pregnancies with idiopathic oligohydramnios.

Methodology The first 50 case notes over a time period of 6 months were identified. As per unit policy oligohydramnios was defined as AFI < 5th centile. Exclusion criteria included multiple pregnancy, rupture of membranes and fetal abnormalities.

Results & Discussion Gestation at diagnosis ranged from 34-38 weeks. Antenatal monitoring of these patients varied with daily to weekly CTG with weekly USS.62% had induction of labour. Majority of this was performed at 37-38 weeks gestation. There was 1 case of intrapartum CTG abnormality and admission to SCBU. This baseline survey reflects a snapshot of the practice in our unit. Our results are similar to the results from other studies which suggest that there is no adverse perinatal outcome associated with isolated oligohydramnios. However a larger well powered study is required. These patients may not need intensive surveillance or induction of labour. This will result in savings in cost and manpower and better utilisation of the antenatal day unit and ultrasound department. Following this we have created a guideline for the management of oligohydramnios in our unit. A prospective audit will be conducted to evaluate the implementation of the guideline.

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