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Pregnancy outcome with pacemaker
  1. AM Nargund,
  2. D Rich
  1. Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, United Kingdom


Advances in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery have increased the use of permanent pacemakers in young adults such that there are more women with pacemakers becoming pregnant. Pregnancy in patients with a pacemaker or those undergoing pregnancy with significant bradyarrythmia /conduction disturbance is uncommon and has an unknown course with only limited number of case reports published.

We report a case of young women who had WPW syndrome, underwent three times radiofrequency ablation and had dual chamber pacemaker implant prior to pregnancy. Management includes multidisciplinary team involvement and to follow the principles of management of cardiac pacemakers in pregnancy to continue to achieve successful pregnancy outcomes.

In conclusion a permanent pacemaker does not interfere with normal course of pregnancy, enables the patient to complete with the increased workload on the heart and enter spontaneous labour at term.

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