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Management of post-operative pain after caesarean section
  1. C Dunlop,
  2. C Love
  1. Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Effective pain control after a Caesarean Section has many benefits, not only to the new mother, but to her family and the hospital. It is vital in aiding mobilisation, thus reducing the risk of post-operative venous thromboembolism, it allows the mother to give her new baby optimal care and can shorten hospital stays. There is little guidance in the literature specific to the management of post-operative pain after Caesarean Section, and it is important that such topics are audited to ensure we are providing quality care at a local level.

The aims of the audit were to ascertain patient satisfaction with analgesia post-Caesarean Section and investigate factors that may affect pain scores. Sixty-five patients who had a Caesarean Section in February and April 2011 at the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health (SCRH), Edinburgh, and St John's Hospital (SJH), Livingston, were included in the audit. A patient questionnaire was distributed and potential confounding factors that may affect pain levels, such as significant past medical history and operative complications, were recorded.

Reassuringly, the audit demonstrated that quality care is being provided. There was a positive response from the patients regarding their pain management and no significant differences were found between hospital sites. Furthermore, no factor investigated resulted in a significant difference in pain score. The audit will be performed again after the introduction of the Midwifery Formulary and the publishing of the updated local guideline on Postnatal Pain Management.

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