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The leicester neonatal high fidelity simulation programme
  1. J Fawke,
  2. J Cusack,
  3. A Sood
  1. Neonatal Service, University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester, UK


Introduction Simulation is widely used in aviation and military training has been heavily supported by the Chief Medical Officer,1 the Templeton report2 and the Department of Health. We describe our experiences over the last 3 years in setting up an ‘in-situ’ high fidelity neonatal simulation programme.

Methods Fortnightly, multidisciplinary simulation sessions are run in Leicester Royal Infirmary using neonatal, delivery suite and transport scenarios. Format: introductory lecture (15 min), simulated scenario (15 min) and feedback (30 min) with staff that work together training together. Medical participants use scenarios in RCPCH workplace competency assessments. Sessions are planned 6 months in advance and fitted within the routine working day. Faculty trained by Children's Hospital Boston, Trent Simulation Centre and Nottingham University; two faculty run each session and feedback is given using an advocacy enquiry/narrative structure. An instructor course has been developed & run to facilitate regional expansion of simulation training. We use Laerdal SimNewB and Guarmard Hal mannequins and unit based equipment.

Results Over 60 sessions training over 240 participants have been delivered with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Candidate derived generic learning points recurrently include targeted communication, clear leadership, role clarity, voicing concerns, sharing information within the team and regularly re-evaluation. Funding for nine mannequins for network hospitals was obtained, 20 instructors have been trained and neonatal simulation training is increasing across the East Midlands.

Conclusions Regular simulation training has now become a routine part of our unit's activity. Participant confidence and team working have improved.

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