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Evaluation of a new training module for taking consent for post-mortem after late miscarriage or stillbirth
  1. K S Jackson1,
  2. C Wright2,
  3. A D Loughney2
  1. 1University Hospital North Durham, Durham, UK
  2. 2Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Objective To investigate the usefulness of a new training module on consultation skills involved in taking consent for post-mortem after late spontaneous abortion or stillbirth, in order to guide its development.

Methods We have previously described the development of a three stage training module.1 In 2010 this was piloted among four senior Obstetric trainees and a specialist midwife at two hospitals in the North East and overseen by the authors. After completing the full module and assessments, a questionnaire was administered asking the learners about the perceived usefulness of the virtual learning environment (VLE) and other learning resources in relation to achieving the programme's learning outcomes.

Results Learners indicated that the information resources hyperlinked in the VLE stimulated the consultation of these resources during the self-study phase. They also indicated that the VLE supported face-to-face interaction in the subsequent observational and supervised practice phases. All learners completed the training and were perceived by their supervisors to have demonstrated a positive change in behaviour (i.e., knowledge, skills and attitude). More information on death certification was requested as part of the VLE and learners also requested more interaction in this phase.

Conclusions The consultation skills required to gain informed consent for post-mortem warrant considerable education and training. This pilot suggests that the module was well received and successful in achieving behavioural change (Kirkpatrick Level 3 outcome).With minor improvements we now recommend offering this module to all senior trainees and specialist midwives in the Northern Deanery.

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